ACUMEN Income Portfolio


The charges you pay are used to pay the costs of running the Fund. These charges reduce the potential growth of your investment.

One-off charges taken before or after you invest
Entry charge: Not Applicable
Exit charge: Not Applicable

Charges taken from the fund over a year
Ongoing charges: 1.20%.

This includes an annual management charge (AMC) and administration costs of 0.75%. This fee is paid to Titan Asset Management.

The ongoing charges figure may vary from year to year.

Charges taken from the fund under certain specific conditions

Performance fee: Not Applicable

The cost of buying and/or selling assets: 0.21%

The effect of the charges on your investment

If you invest £1,000 in the Fund, then you will pay approximately £14.10 in charges every year (£14.10 = 1.41% of £1,000). Assuming no investment growth during the first year, the value of your investment, after one year, would be £985.90 (£1,000 – £13.00).

These charges include the costs of buying or selling assets. These charges also include an estimate of the ongoing charges of the underlying holdings contained within the Fund.

For more information about charges, please refer to the “Charges and Expenses” section of the Fund’s supplement.

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